Finally saw my beauty again!

The 3 of February I arrived back in Melbourne, that morning I woke up in a hostel in Auckland. I drove to the airport and brought the car back to the car rental place. On the airport I had to wait for 4 hours, I’m always way too early at the airport, just to be sure I don’t miss the flight. It was a 4-hour flight when I arrived in Melbourne Pim should pick me up, unfortunately, he got stuck in traffic so I had to wait for a bit, after an hour he was there. It was really good seeing him again. We had some nice beers and went to bed, because Pim had to go to Wilsons Promontory early in the morning, and I had to pick up my girlfriend.


Well, I drove to the airport, of course, it took way to long to be at the airport. Finally there the plane was delayed by half an hour or so, the plane was on the ground, the next steps: border security, baggage and baggage check. That took 1.5 hours. Well finally she walked out of the arrivals door and I ran into her arms and gave her a big kiss and a really long hug. There are so many things that I need to show her. You will see that in the coming blogs.


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