About me

schermafbeelding-2016-12-28-om-15-11-04Well, My name: Merlijn Kruid. Yes, Merlijn which is called like the Wizard from the movie ‘King Arthur’. I was born on the 5th of April 1991 in a small village called Meppel in The Netherlands. Around two years later my beautiful sister was born. My sweet little sister, which she will always be.

After 4 to 5 years I had to go to kindergarten, which was great fun in that age, as a child I was very enthusiastic and really active, sometimes a little active. Some years past and it was time to really learn something reading, math, and writing. I had big issues with concentration, which is probably because I’ve got to less oxygen when I got born. My parent spent hundreds of hours on teaching me how to read and write, I loved to do mathematics.

After primary school, I did secondary school where I started at one of the lowest levels, but I wanted to reach more than working in a practical way. So I did everything to go up the level of education (three levels to be precise). And in 2010 I graduated the HAVO, as we call it in The Netherlands. After my graduation, I decided that I want to improve my skills in English because on my exams my mark was a 3 out of 10. I went to Cape Town to improve my English, I had the time of my life and fell in love with the city. Unfortunately, time flies fast and before I knew I was back in The Netherlands.

13620372_10209992142102527_2151469920942160688_nBack in The Netherlands, I worked at a Vodafone shop, which was always great fun. That’s why I worked there for almost 6 years. In the summer of 2011 started my bachelor in applied science in marketing and communication at The Hanze University located in Groningen. These 5 years I learned all the ins and outs of economics, marketing, sales etc. and even did two extra minors in ‘Online Marketing’ and ‘Leadership’. And started my own company: waterontharderlease.nl

In the summer of 2016 I joined MERIT360,
Together with img_1648360 young changemakers I made plans to change the world on the 17SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) of the United Nations. I focused on SDG number 8 Decent jobs and Economic growth. All together we went to the Indian Head Camp Pennsylvania, USA) to brainstorm and make concrete plans to tackle the SDG’s. We presented our plans to the United Nations at their Helogo-pink-yellowad Quarters in New York City. I met so many inspirational people, all with the purpose to make the world a better place.

14446096_10210824339506942_5597483720922920384_nTwo weeks after being back from New York, the next adventure starts. On the 2nd of October 2016 I went to Australia (Melbourne) with Pim. We are planning to work and travel on our Working holiday Visa. I love traveling since I went to Cape Town in 2010, CapeTown as well called ‘Mother City’, and I’ve been to the World Cup 2014 in Brazil to meet up with my friend from Cape Town, it was amazing.

In this blog you read about my experiences and adventures.

I hope you will enjoy.