Road Trip East Coast (part 3)

Our Road trip continues, with many interesting points to stop. As you can see below I pointed out where we stopped.

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Sunshine Coast
Our first stop was at Sunshine Coast, we started driving pretty late and arrived at Sunshine Coast around 3PM. Well, we still had some time to do a nice walk to the beach, and into the city. After being back at the campsite, we prepared our tent, and suddenly a guy came up to us (Ruben). He said: ‘I know Lisanne’, they know each other from high school. So cool to meet people you know so far from home.

A gorgeous place, great beach, beautiful hikes. When we arrived at Noosa we went to Noosa Heads, a national park, where you can find a beautiful hike, you’ll see the surfers come and go. After our hike on Noosa Heads we drove to our campsite. We were standing between palm trees, such a good spot. After chilling on the campsite for a couple of hours we saw a the campervan of Ruben, what a coincidence right? The next day we went to a local market, at the harbor which was really cute.

Rainbow Beach
Driving to Rainbow beach, we first stopped to do some groceries, and really important: we went to a tiny South African shop that sold bilton, which is dried meat, the best dried meat there is on earth. So after a couple of hours, we arrived at Rainbow Beach, checked in at the campsite and went for a walk to the Carlo Sand dunes. It was on top of a hill, only sand with a beautiful view of the ocean. That evening we went to bed really early because the next day we will go to Fraser Island. IMG_4247

Fraser Island
We woke up around 06:30 AM because we would be picked up at 07:30 AM. We got picked up with a huge 4wheel drive truck and drove to the ferry to Fraser Island. We drove for a pretty long time on the beach, where you could drive 80km, wich is pretty fast. We passed a small village and went to Lake Mckenzie, and WOW what was the water nice and clear, beautiful. We swam in the lake, I haven’t seen a lake with such clear water before. After playing in the water it was time to get some lunch, our driver prepared a great barbie with steak, fish, and heaps of vegetables. Before we start eating he warned us for the kukabara, which is a really cheeky bird, he waits till someone leaves their plate unattended and grabs the food, and it happened to someone of our group, really funny.

Next we went to colored sands, which was kind of a rock with different colors. Then we went to the shipwreck which is there since world war 1, It’s a huge ship, and really nice to take some pictures. Our last stop was Eli Creek, which is a small creek with really clear water, even drinkable. Well, of course, I had to try, it tasted pretty good. We swam in it for a couple of minutes and went back for our afternoon tea, before turning back to our campsite.

We woke up really early this morning because a Dutch couple on our Fraser tour came with a great experience they had. They went to Tin Can Bay to feed wild dolphins. We had to be there around 07:30 AM. I will definitely recommend doing it, it was just $10 to give a fish to the dolphins, I would describe it as a wonderfull experience. Bundaberg was more like an in between stop, we didn’t really like it here. Our campsite was next to a construction company which started like 6 in the morning with making horrible loud noises. So the next morning we drove away really early to …………………

Agnes Water/1770 Beach
It was raining quite a lot the last day and today as well. We checked in our campsite and did som sightseeing around 1770 beach, a small hike on top of 1770 beach and went back to set up our tent. It started raining….. but it wasn’t too bad, so I wanted to go to check the beach out then it stopped raining. We went to the beach and became friends with sandflies NOTTTT!! going to the beach after rain is one of the most worse times to go if there are sandflies. We got bitten heaps of times, our feeds were under the bites, it’s even worse than mosquitos. We were planning to stay in Agnes Water for 2 nights but the weather forecast was horrible, so we decided to move on the next day.IMG_7465

We drove up to Marmor, from now on we are searching for cheaper campsites because we paid way to much on campsites. The campsite where we went today was really interesting, it was on a farm, for just $5AUD per person per night. On the farm were heaps of cows, just 5 meters next to our car, behind a fence of course. There even was a good kitchen and some games so, we played Cluedo during the evening.



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