4 days in Brisbane!

Brisbane, the city I did not know that to expect about. We arrived in our great AirBnb in the middle of the city, with a swimming pool, fitness capacity, which we both didn’t use :P.  It was time to explore the city, well… we thought. It was pouring, so we stayed home in the hope that the next day would be better. We wrote some blogs, edited some vlogs, and checked some movies.

Luckily the next day was perfect, blue sky, off we went to the Lone Pine Koala sanctionary. Lisanne was looking out for cuddling Koala’s since the moment she arrived. We arrived really early in the morning, just before all the crowd was in the park. cuddling with Koala’s started at 10AM, we still had 30 minutes to kill. We bought some food for the kangaroos and fed them. We had a great time and before we knew our bags were empty. Time to go to cuddle with the Koala 🙂

Well, you see Lisanne here happy face. Koala’s are so soft, unfortunately, we could just hold them for 1 minute or so. We went to see some other animals, the park had a platypus, such a cool animal. Now it was time to go to our next activity, we drove up to Mount Coot-Tha, which gives you a beautiful view over the city of Brisbane, and a perfect spot for lunch.


Last but not least, a walk in the city. We arrived at South Bank, where you could see the Brisbane sign. We got pretty thirsty so we decided to go for a beer, as we walked on South Bank we passed by a swimming pool in the middle of the city, Like What??? I want that in my hometown. Before I knew I saw a beach next to the pool. We had a couple of beers and decided to have dinner as well. After this long day, we ordered an uber to go home. Many people just drive past Brisbane, I can tell, definitely visit Brisbane for a couple of days.



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