Road trip east coast (part 2)

After some great days in Sydney, it’s time to move on to our next destinations, the next big destination would be Brisbane. We took it slow and first drove up to the following route: Schermafbeelding 2017-05-14 om 15.29.51
Blue Mountains
We drove up to a campsite in the middle of the Blue Mountains to the place Katoomba. The campsite was very close to the sightseeing points. When we finish setting up the tent we directly went to the lookout point and wauw what a view. We could the group of rocks which is called the three sisters. It’s pretty impressive if you see the shape of the rocks.

Our second stop, well not just a normal stop. Because a friend of mine lives in Newcastle (Harrison). We met during Merit360 in New York, where we worked together on the sustainable development goal 8 Decent Jobs and Economic Growth. We arranged to meet in the harbor, he was so keen to show us around the city. We went to a couple of lookouts. As I asked Harrison: ‘where do you go on holiday?’ he responded I stay here, everything you need is in Newcastle. And he is right: heaps of Beaches, great lookout points, many hike opportunities and the atmosphere was really relaxed.

Last night it rained a little bit so we went to Nambucca pretty early. We arrived at the campsite which looked pretty cute with all different colored houses. We stayed in our awesome rooftoptent, although that night it was pouring, so our night rest was not the best. In the morning when we walked to the amenities our feeds were soaping on the ground. Welcome to the real #campingadventure 😛

Hoping for better weather we drove up to Iluka, where we passed a beach which is called Shark beach. Sounds pretty scary right? We checked in at the campsite and drove to some of the lookout points, we arrived at a peer, with a sigh that showed all the different kind of fish in that area, let me just name some: Great white shark, Hammerhead shark, Bull shark. Happily, we were not planning to swim 🙂

Byron bay
The place for surfing, we arrived early in the morning. The campsites were really expensive we paid $108AUS for two nights. It was close to the beach easy to just take your surfboard and go to the beach. As I did both of the days. The first day I managed to take a wave for 30 which was a real accomplishment. I was happy like a kid. Unfortunately, the weather was not that good. So we decided to do a beer tasting at Stone and Wood beer brewery. We thought we could take an Uber to the brewery because walking would take at least an hour. BUT, there was no Uber driving…. bummer. And very last minute we managed to order an Uber, we arrived just in time for the tour through the brewery. It was just $20AUS you get the tour, a couple of welcome beers and the beer tasting. Definitely worth your money and heaps of fun. You need to book tickets in advance, you can use this link: Stone and wood Tour.


Gold coast
Last stop before we’re arriving in Brisbane. Gorgeous long beach and surfing opportunities. Of course, time to try it again, but unfortunately the waves were too rough for me. So I went back to the beach and chilled in the sun with Lisanne. The next day we went to surfers beach, we didn’t saw surfers because of the bad weather circumstances. It started raining we decided to go to a shopping mall to do some groceries, the weather got worse and we’re starting looking out for our AirBnb in Brisbane.





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