Sydney in 5 days!


They say you are a Sydney person or a Melbourne person, we had 5 days to find our. We drove into Sydney and the first thing I mentioned was: the roads are chaotic and people drive like crazy :P. After a 3 hour drive we arrived in our AirBNB, we put our stuff in our room and went to Bondi Beach, and WOW what a gorgeous beach. Unfortunately it started raining so, Lisanne and I went inside a cocktail bar for some drinks. We could see the surfers catching some waves, it’s actually everything you want to see at the beach.


We had to find out what we wanted to do in Sydney, we come up with the list:

Opera House

Harbor Bridge

Surfen bondi

Bondi Bronte coastal walk

Bondi Pool

Manly beach

Rocks Market

The second day we woke up quite early to go to the Opera House and Harbor Bridge, it definitely reached my expectations, the Opera House is way bigger than I expected. We sat next to the Opera House to relax a little, I could sit there for hours, watching the ferry coming in the harbor. We went to the airBNB and I was planning to surf, It was just a 2k walk to the beach, I walked to the beach, when I arrived, there was no surfer in the water, the  water was pretty rough. While I was considering what to do, I heard someone calling my name, It was Lorraine, a girl I met in Melbourne. What a coincidence right! After our conversation I tried the waves out, It was really rough, I went out after half an hour, unfortunately.

The next day we had a pretty chill day, we went out to do the Bondi Bronte Coastal walk. A beautiful walk just 1.5k, you see beaches, beaches and more beaches. We had lunch at Bronte beach, the weather was beautiful. We decided to go to the Ice Berg pool, which is a pool next to sea, and the water was freezing cold. afterwards we went to Bondi beach, we had to swim in the sea, surprisingly the water was nice and warm.IMG_7168

Today we took the ferry to Manly beach, the most relaxed beach I’ve ever seen. Clear water, great snorkeling and beautiful waves. Everything was perfect. I saw a couple of different fish. (PICTURES) On our ferry back, we were pretty late and had to run, but it paid of, we saw the sunset with the Opera House and the Habor Bridge, a stunning view.

Our last day in Sydney, we went to the Rocks Market, and met Maddison, a friend we know from Merit360 in New York. It was great meeting up with her. Later on we went to a lookout to see the gorgeous sunset. Tomorrow our road trip continues.


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