My Melbourne Top 5

Well, my time in Melbourne came to an end, time to make a top 5. Yeah well …. 7 will be better. In this blog you’ll read about my highlights in Melbourne.

1 Footy

Australian Football or Footy. The typical Aussie sport, it looks like rugby but is way different. The rules are quite simple, check my previous blog about footy. All the Aussies are really excited about the matches and are very fanatic in supporting. I had the honor to go with to footy fans: Jason and Joel. Going to a footy match is a great experience, it’s quite cheap, we just paid $25AUS for a match. It’s a definitely TO DO!


2 Eureka Tower

88 Floors high, a very fast elevator and a gorgeous view over the city. The day before we left Melbourne we went up the Eureka Tower. On 88 floors high you have a beautiful view, as we could see st. Kilda – the place where we lived for 2.5 months, the West Gate Bridge, the Melbourne Cricket Ground and much more. I recommend going around sunset, then you will see the city by day light, sunset and during dark when all the light goes on. Unfortunately on our day it was a bit cloudy but of course some great shots.

3 Jungle Boy (hidden Bar)

Jungle Boy, probably one of the greatest bars I’ve ever been. But hard to find, we walked past it for several times. It’s a snackbar with a huge fridge door in the back, you never expect a cocktail bar behind this big fridge door. When we went inside a little insecure, some people were sitting on barstool and asked us: ‘are you going to the hidden bar?’, yeah we knew we were at the right spot. After 15 min waiting we went inside, it was really like you expect from a hidden bar. If you are in Melbourne check it out, the address is 96 Chapel Street. IMG_3778.JPG

4 Graffiti

Melbourne is famous for its’ street art, the funny fact of this street art is that is changes continuously. The artists create their art on top of other paintings, there are just a few streets with this street art. It will definitely blow your mind, how people even can make such beautiful paintings out of graffiti. You can download the map op the street art this link: map of street art locations (PDF, 1MB)

5 Tram

The Melbourne City Tram, a great way to see the city. This free tram takes you around the city. You will go through Flinder Street Station,, Parlement, Etihad Stadium and many more. IMG_3634.JPG

6 Surfing

Yeah surfing, I went surfing for like 10 times in Melbourne, I bought my own board. I’m kind of addicted haha. I wish I could surf every day. I remember the first time surfing with Pim, David and Vanessa, one of our first weeks. It was amazing, we are getting better. We often went to Torquay, which is a really good spot to learn surfing, as well as Smiths Beach at Phillip Island. Both places have surfboard hiring opportunities.


7 St. Kilda

Well, one of the best places I have lived. Close to the beach, the atmosphere was amazing. Everybody is very relaxed and kind. All the different kind of Pale Ale beers in the bars were amazing. Pim and I went to the bar Wonderland very often, one of the best places to relaxed if you’d ask me. I must not forget about the beach, wow, I really felt like home away from home. St. Kilda is in my opinion the best place to live around in Melbourne.




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