Bye Bye Melbourne

After being in Melbourne for 5 months, I kinda fell in love with the city. The things that you can do are so varied, from the beach to the Eureka tower, from the Penguins on St. Kilda pier to Queen Victoria market. On the 4th of October, I arrived in Melbourne with my mate Pim. We did a couple of hikes, surfed a couple of times and we were so lucky to be at the Melbourne Cup, which is all about horse racing. Pim won even $60,- (lucky bastard) haha.

In January I was in New Zealand and was back in Melbourne on the 3rd of February. The day after was the day that I finally saw Lisanne again after 4 months. As you probably read in the road trip blog, we have been traveling for 2 weeks. When we were back in Melbourne it was time for some work. We met so many new people, I will remember all the great moments in Melbourne, and I think I’m going to miss Melbourne.


Even though I don’t want to say goodbye, I say goodbye for now and follow up with: ‘See you back sometime Melbourne’ Cheers.

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