My first Footy match!

Foooottyyy, the sport which I haven’t heard about before I came to Australia. All my colleagues talk about it, Joel and Jason (my colleagues) invited me and Lisanne to join a match, in the MCG stadium in Melbourne. So we went to the stadium barely knowing anything about the sport, only some general rules:

1. You can’t throw the ball (you can either kick the ball or hit it)IMG_3398
2. You just get 1 point if you score between the poles at the side
3. You get 6 points if you score between the middle poles
4. And you can jump on any player you want, so cozy
5. Many more rules I do not know, but enough to understand the game

The match of the day was Melbourne against Fremantle (Perth), you probably think that we cheared for Melbourne, Nope. Jason is a fan of Fremantle so we supported them. It was really interesting to see, the crowd went crazy. The match was pretty tight, both teams played really well. In the last minutes the difference in score were just 3 points. In one of the last minutes Melboune scored, so we thought: damn we’re losing. But in the very last minut Freo (how they call Fremantle) came back and turned out to win the match. It really was an experience of a life time. So if you have the chance in Australia, you should definately go to a footy match.


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