Work Work Work Work Work!

After our road trip/after spending way too much money, it’s time to make some money. Fortunately, Pim was working at a place (Instant Markies) which sets up markies and umbrella’s, he organized that I could work there as well. My first day at work was really long, 12 hours straight. But hours equals money. It’s an easy job, but heavy weights, that first day we were directly challenged with 40kg barrels.

Most of the shifts are during the weekend,IMG_3650
we start really early in the morning. One day we started at 04:30 AM and had to set up the Arts Centre, which is in the middel of the city. We set up a couple of markies and some umbrella’s, and if the shift start early you’ll see the sunrise. The sunrise of this day was amazing, a beautiful view over the city with hot air balloons. It made it worth it to wake up that early, btw, it was a 15,5 hour day which means $341AUD.

At the moment I’m working at Instant Markies for a couple of weeks, I really enjoy working and my colleagues are awesome. After 2 weeks of work, I’ve got my first payslip. YEAH MONEY. I try to save as much as possible for the trip we are going to do in a couple of weeks on the east coast. I can’t wait to go, it’s still two weeks before we’re leaving. Of course, I’ll give you guys a heads up about our trip.


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