Road tripping in Australia! Part 1

After a couple of days in Melbourne,
where IMG_6243we stayed in a lovely Airbnb in Docklands, five high and a beautiful view over the city – the time has come to start our first roadtrip. I already bought a car before Lisanne came over, but the only thing we needed was a tent. I really wanted a rooftop tent. So I called the company where they sell the rooftop tents, but there were no tents in stock, and would probably take another two weeks to have them in stock. I thought, NOOOO, why is this happening. So I went searching for other companies, the rooftop tents were much more expensive. The next day I called the IMG_6246company again, and they did have the rooftop tent in stock. I got really lucky and picked it up that afternoon. Well, we thought it would be easy to put a roof rack on the car and the tent above it. It took us nearly 7 hours in the hot sun, it was horrible, but in the end definitely worth it.
So well, the next day we go off, I had to do just one thing: going to a mechanic to get a Road Worthy Certificate for my car. It was a really hot day, air conditioning (A/C) was necessary. So we got to the mechanic, got the Road Worthy Certificate and went on the move to our first campsite in Anglesea, but since we drove away from the mechanic, air conditioning was not working. So we went back, they checked it and the A/C-belt was broken. Really unfortunate. They couldn’t make it because the engine was too hot. So we had to go to another mechanic to fix it. We were really done for the day, we went to Anglesea and set up our rooftop tent for the first time, we were just on time because it was getting dark already. We decided to stay for two nights so we could put everything in the right order, which concerns our clothing, electricity and other camping stuff.

It was not really the start we wanted of our49c991f7-ab05-4bd6-a4cc-f524a1b6cdd3.jpg
road trip. Before we continued our journey we went to another mechanic to fix our A/C, but he could not do it because the other mechanic damaged the bold that’s connected to fit the A/C Belt. We though NOOO again. We drove further to the Great Ocean Road, a beautiful trip next to the ocean. The next stop was Cape Otway, where we stayed at a campsite which is called Bimbi. I 0a0d781a-d4ef-4893-9160-31e4850f8660have been there before with Pim, It’s pretty famous because of the many Koala’s that they have over there. Even on our way to the campsite, we saw some koalas. Lisanne loved to see them. That night we heard the noise they make, it really sounds like a pig. It felt they were really above our head.

The next day we drove up to Port Campbell,
in between, we came across the 12 Apostles, which are 12 beautiful rocks in the ocean. To be honest we could only count 8 of the 12 but ‘we were there’ :P. It’s really cool to see how the ocean can shape the rocks in such incredible shape. We arrived in Port Campbell which is a really cool small town. At the local grocery store, we bought some food for the barbecue. The campsite was next to the bay, which meant that it was really windy, we had a horrible night and couldn’t sleep at all.

Will be continued…

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