We saved a man’s life!

It was a beautiful day, 25 degrees, blue sky, a perfect day to go out surfing. Lisanne and I woke up pretty early and drove for 2 hours to Phillip Island. Pim (one of my mates) was already on Phillip Island with one of his friends (Dieuwertje). We arrived at Smits Beach, Pim was already there with Dieuwertje, they already hired their surf equipment, so we went 17029035_1251069364961335_242424014_nto the surf shop to hire some as well.
Like 10 minutes later it was time, time to go into the water. It has been almost 2 months that I surfed, and it was my first time on my own surfboard, I was really excited. Pim and I went in the back, where the waves were a little bigger. We had to peddle and peddle through all the whitewash, which was really tough. But we made it, the waves were 2 to 3 meters high. For my personally I could not stand on the board, it was too hard and the power of the waves was too strong. Later on, I went back to check out how the girls were doing, it was Lisanne her second time on a surfboard, she did catch some waves and made it so far to sit on her knees.

Well, in the end, we were planning to go out of the 17091094_1251065941628344_1293759080_owater, at that moment I saw a guy who was swimming a little further with his hand in the air and screamed: “HELP’. So I told Pim and we went up to help him to get out of the rip tide
(What is a rip tide? Well, it’s a really strong current that pulls you into the ocean. Many people who are pulled in by a rip tide try to swim straight to the beach again, the power of the sea is so strong you cannot swim against it, you only get tired and pulled in, even more, see the image below).


Pim and I knew what we had to do, we had to swim to the middle to the point where the waves break because that current brings you back to the beach. The guy we helped was exhausted, firstly he held on our surfboards later Pim gave him his board. There was a moment that I thought we needed some help as well, happily we were out of the rip tide a couple of minutes later. The man was really grateful – he thanked us and said I would not have made it without you guys. In the end, I’m really happy that we helped that guy. It was a good day to look back to.

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