Today we drove pretty far, as we went schermafbeelding-2017-02-24-om-17-41-11
to Coromandel. We went past Auckland and went to the restaurant of the parents of Chitrang. We should have had lunch with him, but unfortunately, his baby daughter was sick. So Sanne and I had lunch and Chitrangs parents gave us typical Indian food. Which tasted amazing, some things were a little spicy but, we as Dutchies could handle it.

After this great meal, we drove further to Coromandel. It was raining all the way, we were hoping for some sun. Well, finally we arrived in Coromandel, on our way we searched for a campsite on Wikicamps. When we finally arrived at the campsite it stopped raining, time to set up our tent. That evening we went chilling, I did some video editing for my vlogs. That night around 00:00 a big alarm went off, I looked Sanne in the eye and asked what she thought it was. She said: ‘it could be a Tsunami or just something happened in the small village’. So I went outside and I saw a big fire a couple of hundred meters away and the fire brigade is settled just across the campsite. So everybody woke up, the campsite owners told us that there are differences in alarms. Short sounds in a row mean that something happens on land, and a continuous sound means that there is a Tsunami.
img_2711Well, the next day we did something cool, as we went to do a train ride but not a normal one. The track is made by one man, his name is: Barry Brickell. The track goes up the mountain and you have a beautiful view on top. It’s amazing to find out that it’s all been done by just one man. The train ride is 1 hour and tickets costs $35 pp.

Vlog about this subject is coming soon

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