Cape Reinga



If you go to New Zealand one day, it’s definitely worth it to visit Cape Reinga. Many people think it’s the most northern part of New Zealand, but actually it isn’t. 30K’s east of Cape Reinga is Surville Cliffs which is just a little more North than the famous Cape. Well, why is the Cape Reinga famous, from the lighthouse you can actually see the sea lines between the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean. And nature is just WOW

img_2542From Cape Reinga is a 3-day hike, just next to the ocean. I haven’t done it but I’m sure it’s beautiful. I’ll probably do it the next time I’m in New Zealand. In the picture above you see my sister and I had a lovely lunch over there. I can sit down there for hours, just watching the ocean (in the hope to see a whale :P), but that did not happen.

That night we stayed on a campsite which was just $8 per person. The reception was a blue bus, this campsite was a government campsite. The view from the campsite was stunning, it was in a small bay, we swam in the sea and spoke to a surfer, who saw a shark swimming in the same bay. That was pretty exciting. The next morning my sister went for a run and I went to the beach to have breakfast and a nice morning swim.

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