90 Mile Beach

My sister and I drove up to 90 Mile Beach, the name says enough. The beach is 90 miles long and has stunning views. We went to a free campsite which was called: The Bluff, 90 Mile Beach. The place was pretty hard to find because we had to open a fence and had to go over private property of a farmer


Fun and exciting the same time. Well finally on the campsite we decided to stay as close to the beach as possible. So after setting up our tent, we did a small hike and we were the only once on the beach. Furthermore, only a hand full of people were on the campsite. It was all very primitive, the shower was cold and the toilet was literally a ‘shit whole’. haha


That night we saw the sunset.
the sun goes down in the ocean, which is incredible to see. All the beautiful colors of the ocean, the sun in combination with the clouds.

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