First days in NZ

On the second of January 2016 I flew to Auckland (New Zealand) – to do a great road trip around the Northern Island. Pim brought me to the airport, we had to wake up like 4:30 in the morning. I was way too early at the terminal so I had to wait for another 2.5 hours. But better way too early than too late. Eventually, at 4 PM I arrived at Auckland airport. I went to the border security and met a guy from Germany (Kevin), we took the bus to the city center, where we both had a hostel booked. That evening we went to town to have dinner and some beers.

The next day I met Kevin again to do some sightseeing in Auckland, we firstly went to the harbor, and decided to go to Mount Eden. Which is an old volcano, pretty impressive, we thought. When we were on top of the mountain we saw people looking down, we thought where are they looking at. Well, it was the crater, haha. Not as spectacular as we expected. But we saw our first volcano.

That same evening I met a friend (Chitrang) who I met at the Merit360 program in New York. It was great seeing him again, we had some burgers at a burger restaurant which is called BurgerFuel. What really funny was is that you can grab a ‘doofer’, a doofer is actually a holder for your burger so, your hands don’t get dirty, pretty cool tool. After dinner, we went the movies, and he even brought me to the airport. That night my sister arrived in Auckland, I was really excited. Unfortunately her flight was delayed by 1.5 hour. When she finally walked out of the doors, I welcomed her with a big kis and a hug. It was great to see her again after 5 months.


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