Australia vlogs

It’s already been 10 weeks since I stepped on the plane to Melbourne. 10 wonderful weeks, Pim and I did so many things, which I made a Vlog about what you’ve probably seen on youtube. We have been to the Grampians, did Great Ocean Road and surfed a lot in Torquay. Time flies by so damn fast, which is a really good sign, but a shame as well. A good sign because we enjoy so much, a shame because all those beautiful moments are over in a blink of an eye

You can see all the great thing we did on Youtube, I’ll make a small introduction of all the video’s so you can check out what you like to watch:

#1 Pack my bag
My first Vlog before I went to Australia, I summed up what I will take with me to Australia. Because I will not be home for at least a year. So If you want to know what to take with you for being away from home for at least a year.. Check it out:

#2 Ready to take off
Today is the big day, Pim and I are leaving The Netherlands and fly to the other side of the world: Australia, ‘How’R U doin MATE’ The country of Kangaroos, most poisoning animals of the world and the most sharks in the sea. Scary but exciting as well. We were looking forward to this moment for almost a year. The hardest part was to say goodbye to family friends and especially my beautiful girlfriend. The flight was 27 hours, are your ready to see us getting exhausted on the airplane? Go and check it out:

#3 First day in Melbourne
Well, we found out that the jetlag kicked in, we were awake really early. We are really hard working guys so we directly made a resume and went searching for a flat for the next week.   In the hostel we were, we met two Dutch guys (Joost and Patrick) who actually live quite close to us in The Netherlands, They cooked a typical dutch meal for us yesterday: Hutspot.  To celebrate the birthday of Joost we went to town for a nice party. It was a funny night out:

Of course, we had to go to the beach as soon as possible, so we did we went to St. Kilda Beach. For public transfer, you need a ‘myki’ card, which is the same as an OV chip card in The Netherlands. As well we had a viewing of a flat, but it didn’t really reach our expectations. So we went to Chapel Street, which is the place where all the bars and shops are. So if you are in Melbourne check out Chapel Street.


We opened a bank account at the Common Wealth Bank (you will receive a bank card within two weeks), and we had to organize a Tax File Number (TFN) which you will receive within 28 days. If you need a TFN number you can do it through this link:

As the title says, we were searching for a place where I can upload one of the vlogs, this was way harder than expected. We went to a couple of bars and to a library, but could not find any place with a decent internet connection, unfortunately.

The coins that Australia has, are really annoying, way too big! Today we went to St. Kilda to view another flat…. Which wasn’t really good. Fortunately, we found a room that looked really good. When we took a break at Hannah’s we had an amazing lunch. And we went to a couple of bars and restaurants te hand out our resume’s, so applying for jobs to the max.

So we were on our way to sign the contract for our new apartment, we just missed the train….  After signing we went to the library to upload a video and played FIFA, which I’m really terrible at but we had to do something to kill the time. We handed out some more resume’s and went to the beach, wow it was really windy. Check it out:

We checked out of our hostel and went to our new home. The weather of today was really shitty, it rained. We thought well if we leave The Netherlands the weather would be way better, NOT. Time to settle in our new room do some groceries. The distances in Melbourne are pretty big, a bike would help, so we went searching on Gumtree for a bike. Gumtree is a website where you can sell and buy stuff, a little like Marktplaats in The Netherlands. If you need something just go to:
At 12 PM I had to introduce the birthday of Pim and song Happy Birthday. So if you would like to listen to my singing skills, watch the video:

Today was a day that we had to find a helmet, as you see in the title, a fine costs $300. We cycled through the whole neighborhood to find a helmet. And well yeah I go to the Library to upload some vlogs. Check it out:

Well as you know we wanted to work in a restaurant, so we practiced to walk with 3 plates. After getting our own ‘Hospitality certificate’ we went to the shopping mall Chadstone, which is the biggest shopping mall in South Australia. And we had so much fun, which you will see in the video:

Today was all about searching for jobs, which quite harder than we expected. We went to restaurants and bars, without any luck now we are going to apply for any job we can find.

#12 WE DID IT!
After some applying for jobs in the morning, Pim and I went to the beach to relax. The water was pretty cold, but we did it, we found our courage and jumped into the sea.

Pim and I are going to work, putting flyers in mailboxes. It was really good to make some money, but this kind of work was way too boring. But well you have to do something to earn some money. Check it out 🙂

Today I met Vanessa after 6 years, we firstly met in our student house in Cape Town. We are getting some breakfast and afterward they show us around. We went to Williams Town and where we saw a Sea Shepherd ship (ship that protects large wales) a guide took us on board which was really cool. Enjoy.

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